Upgrades to our Dining Hall will help us fulfill our mission of Creating a World where there are only abilities!

2017-06-30 - Rotary CampSummer Camp has a whole new meaning for people with developmental disabilities and each person’s challenge often requires a different set of tools. It is imperative to our campers’ safety and to grow Rotary Camp’s mission for the facilities to meet modern standards. With that said, our dining hall is in need of renovation that would bring it up to current building codes needed for serving today’s campers and match the current footprint of Rotary Camp’s upgraded campus.

The current dining hall, constructed in 1963, includes a commercial kitchen, dining
room and two restrooms on the street level. The waterfront level (lower level) includes
an arts and craft room, boat shed/storage area, furnace room, two restrooms and a
summer camp staff office.

The renovation of the dining hall will include expansion for storage, handicap accessible
restrooms, kitchen upgrades and an addition of a sensory-friendly dining area balcony
designed with a focus on color, lighting and sound to create an immersive sensory
experience. Many of our campers with autism have difficulty at mealtime related to the
sensory experience of eating in crowded, noisy and uncomfortable surroundings. Many
times, they demand to eat outside in the quietness of nature – with the heat of summer
and cold of winter which isn’t an ideal situation. Our new dining hall will help resolve
this challenge.



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